A Bird’s Eye View of What’s Trending in the Real-World

Tilofy (for Time, Location, Unify) systematically sifts through data from social media and the rest of the web to detect what's trending in the offline world.

“This mobile technology brings us one step closer to omniscience." - FORBES

About Tilofy

We have created a patent pending technology that sifts through hundreds of millions of signals from social media and the rest of the web in real time and constantly organizes this data by time, location and context to detect trends in the real-world.

Tilofy is the world's first solution helping businesses and organizations by systematically and automatically answering the following question: 'What is happening Where and When and Who is there?'

In May 2013, Tilofy introduced the world’s first bird's eye view of real-world trends automatically detected in real-time, as well as its groundbreaking activity driven targeting and analytics platform.


Tilofy offers an advanced search interface that can be used by Journalists and media companies to go back in time and space to search for celebrity sightings, breaking news, accidents, grand openings and more happening at a particular region during a given time frame.


Tilofy systematically detects what's trending in the real-world giving marketers and other businesses a Bird's eye view of major activities happening around any location at any time. Tilofy offers a never before seen real-time pulse of a venue, neighborhood, city or an entire region.


Listening and monitoring a sea of social data in real-time is extremely daunting, ineffective and human intensive. You don't know 'what to look for' and 'where to look for it'. Tilofy's intelligent trend detection technology instantly alerts you as soon as a certain type of activity is detected and as it unfolds in real-time.


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