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Replacing Guess-casting with
Data Driven Intelligent Forecasting
Tilofy's industry-first automated trend forecasting platform is powered by proprietary technology that analyzes massive amounts of unstructured data to intelligently predict trends in their infancy, long before they become mainstream.
Tilofy ingests massive amounts of heterogeneous data from a multitude of sources to capture the world’s collective intelligence. Noisy input data is then automatically mapped to an ever growing universe of hundreds of thousands of topics to monitor velocity swings in any of those topics in real-time.
Our proprietary algorithms analyze the organized input data and use machine intelligence and predictive models to forecast trends before they become mainstream. Emerging, re-occurring and mega trends are identified across all major industries from food & beverage, to travel, entertainment and technology.
Forecasted trends are augmented with factual information and actionable insights that dynamically change over time with no human intervention. Trend insights also include in depth demographic, geographic and psychographic data behind each trend audience.

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