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A solution for every team
Whether you’re leading the consumer insights team, running the marketing department or are in charge of innovation at your company, you have one thing in common: spending too much time dealing with a lot of noise when looking for actionable foresights. Tilofy’s trend forecasting solution is designed to help you identify relevant trend forecasts outside your industry, understand how they may apply to your business and be the first to apply them.
Creativity and insight into the future is critical to any business’ survival. We empower world’s greatest innovators to uncover new opportunities for innovation, identify key insights, reach new markets and create products that matter. Each trend forecast is backed by in depth information and deep insights helping businesses identify what influences their customer and why, to make decisions with confidence.
Rather than relying on “trend spotting” provided by armies of human observers, Tilofy uses the much more powerful, scalable and totally unbiased machine intelligence alternative to forecast the future and the trends shaping it.
Consumer research teams are always on the hunt for new and changing consumers' preferences, attitudes, loyalty, usage and behavior in a market. Understanding what consumers want and why they want it helps consumer insights team guide businesses in creating more relevant and compelling customer experience. Tilofy’s offers unparalleled view into the mind of the consumer.
Tilofy’s powerful yet extremely easy to use interface saves consumer insights teams massive amounts of time and resources while uncovering future trends and insights customized to any market segment and target demographic based on audience (age, gender, etc.), trend velocity (emerging, stable, etc.) and market segment (food and beverage, fashion, sports, etc.)
Knowing what’s to come and who’s helping shape it is at the heart of any initiative within an innovative marketing team. Trend forecasts uncovered by Tilofy offer a window into the future and provide a clear pathway to discovering cultural movements and developments in their infancy. An insight into the future empowers marketing teams to find innovative opportunities most impactful to their clients and create engaging and unique campaigns targeting the right audience at the right time.
From identifying trends popular among elusive millennials or older demographics to trends related to a particular sector, Tilofy helps marketers create timely, relevant and engaging campaigns, backed by validated trend data.
Tilofy’s trend prediction platform has for the first time, married the art of human story tellers with the power of machine intelligence. We help content scouting teams within media organizations with a data-driven approach to content creation in various forms (from webisodes and TV content to blog posts and online video).
They identify opportunities to create content that is engaging, unique and keep them ahead of the curve. The constantly changing demographic and psychographic insights around each forecasted trend helps the content teams stay updated with information about key any forecasted trend in its lifecycle.
Tilofy’s comprehensive and ever evolving trend database is used by research and consulting firms to help their clients unearth future trends and insights, track overarching cultural shifts, uncover new strategic markets and re-imagine products that have been on the market for years. Powerful and interactive audience and market segment filters help early identification and uncovering of trends and developments that present strong affinity with the desired target audience.
The interactive and in depth 360 degree insights behind each trend helps researchers ensure and validate market potential before making critical decisions. The insights also assist in providing a deeper understanding of the why, the what and the when, and forecasting the unique influence each trend and development holds on different markets.
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