web analytics

Backed by Data
Relying on machine intelligence vs. human observation
In-depth Analysis
Trends augmented by demographic and psychographic insights
Diverse Database
Continuously evolving database of emerging, seasonal & megatrends
Dynamic Insights
Trend insights dynamically change over time without human intervention

Industry Agnostic
Trends forecasted across 23 key sectors and industries
Personalized Feed
Tools to filter trends based on industry or demographics
Team Collaboration
Enabling teams to collaborate and curate trend collections
Deep Discovery
360° view of the universe around each topic of interest
Powered by the world’s most intelligent trend forecasting engine, Tilofy constantly processes data in real time, to help identify velocity swings and anomalies in any of the hundreds of thousands of topics it continuously monitors
Every second, Tilofy’s proprietary algorithm imports, sifts, and analyzes millions of data points in real time. This data is then funneled into our patent-pending pipeline to systematically forecast trends and cultural shifts. The data is then augmented by comprehensive demographic, psychographic, temporal and geographical insights. Tilofy’s technology is built using state of the art developments in stream processing and real-time information management.
Big Data Analysis
Topic Clustring
Topic Constellation
Time Series Analysis
Spam Detection
Normalization & Forecasting
Category Assignment
Natural Language Processing
Causality Analysis
Insights Analysis