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Creativity and insight into the future is critical to any brand’s survival. Tilofy helps brands identify and validate emerging trends relevant to their business, offering an unparalleled advantage over the competition and the opportunity to always be one step ahead. Brands use Tilofy’s unique trend forecasting platform to uncover new opportunities for innovation, identify key insights, reach new markets and create products that matter.
Each trend forecast is backed by solid data and deep insights helping brands identify what influences their customer and why, to make decisions with confidence.
Knowing what’s to come and who’s helping shape it is at the heart of any initiative within a creative agency as it looks to invent original and engaging content people cannot stop talking about. Tilofy’s trend forecasting platform enables forward looking creative agencies to learn who and what will become the next big thing. Tilofy uses trend data backed by in depth insights to inspire brands to stay a step ahead of the competition.
Tilofy’s powerful yet extremely easy to use interface allows agencies to save massive amounts of time and resources while uncovering future trends and insights customized to any market segment and target demographic. The platform enables discovery of trends based on audience (age, gender, etc.), trend velocity (emerging, stable, etc.) and market segment (food and beverage, fashion, sports, etc.)
Trends uncovered by Tilofy offer a window into the future and provide a clear pathway to discovering cultural movements and product developments in their infancy. An insight into the future empowers marketing teams to find innovative opportunities most impactful to their clients and create engaging and unique campaigns targeting the right audience at the right time.
From identifying trends popular among elusive millennials, to uncovering what’s emerging among older demographics, Tilofy helps marketers create relevant and engaging content, backed by validated trend data.
Tilofy’s comprehensive and ever evolving trend database is used by research and consulting firms to help their clients identify future trends and insights, track overarching cultural shifts, uncover new strategic markets and re-imagine products that have been on the market for years. Powerful and interactive audience and market segment filters help early identification and uncovering of trends and developments that present strong affinity with the target audience a brand is targeting.
The interactive trend discovery interface is coupled with 360 degree insights to ensure and validate market potential before making critical decisions. The insights also assist in providing a deeper understanding of the why, the what and the when, and forecasting the unique influence each trend and development holds on different markets.
Tilofy’s trend prediction platform is trusted by the world’s leading video network and media companies to identify opportunities for creating engaging and unique content, keeping them ahead of the curve. Tilofy trends are backed by robust data to help content strategy teams who heavily rely on data make informed decisions about creating content audiences will share and discuss.
The insights around each trend is continuously updated with information about key influencers and trendsetters that present a strong affinity with each trend. This enables media teams to expand their efforts, helping them locate emerging talent of aspiring chefs, travelers, fashion enthusiasts and more, all before anyone else.
Powered by the world’s most intelligent trend forecasting engine, Tilofy constantly processes data in real time, to help identify velocity swings and anomalies in any of the hundreds of thousands of topics it continuously monitors
Every second, Tilofy’s proprietary algorithm imports, sifts, and analyzes millions of data points in real time. This data is then funneled into our patent-pending pipeline to systematically forecast trends and cultural shifts. The data is then augmented by comprehensive demographic, psychographic, temporal and geographical insights. Tilofy’s technology is built using state of the art developments in stream processing and real-time information management.
Realtime Stream Processing
Tilofy processes and analyzes thousands of heterogeneous data points every second that are passed to its trend detection engine.
Proprietary Trend Detection
Tilofy’s proprietary technology uses state of the art advances in natural language processing, statistics, machine vision and more for automatic trend identification.
Comprehensive Trend Insights
Tilofy’s trends are algorithmically detected using factual data. Hence each trend is automatically augmented with powerful demographic, psychographic and temporal insights.
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